Anyone recognize this name?

So I’ve been looking long and hard for a Polly kit, and I found a boo-boo one to purchase and strip on Facebook marketplace. I was so so excited but I haven’t heard from the lady since I bought two days ago and messages aren’t delivering. There was a safety photo, but I’m still worried. Anyone recognize the account? My heart hurts because it was very important to me to get this kit.

I don’t recognize the name but just wanted to say best of luck! I hope you get her!!

It’s wonderful to see you around!

I got in contact with the lady through her personal account and we are trying to figure out how to cancel the marketplace order and do it through paypal


Thanks :blush: Oh wonderful glad to hear that! Are you going to be reborning Polly yourself??

I am! Gonna give her peaches limbs as well

I hate the way everything automatically goes through marketplace now. It’s made it really hard to list anything because it automatically goes through Facebook pay instead of paypal

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Even when I list a baby auction in a reborn group, FB wants me to list it through Marketplace. Don’t like that at all.

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Aw that’s going to be a great combo. Peaches is such a chunky thing. Look forward to seeing what you do with her!

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I gotta find the kit first lol. Looks like it’s out of stock everywhere.

I felt like Polly’s pudgy face needed some cubby limbs to go with, haha

Emily Jameson sells “Sawyer” limbs. Here is the link to see his limbs. $49.99