Anyone purchase the Shaylen Maxwell tutorial?

I know she had a tutorial that you could purchase through MacPhersons for $99. I missed purchasing it and now it is $500! Granted there are lots of new additions for opening your own reborn business but I am not interested in that. I don’t want to grow my business at this point but would like to keep improving my painting. I love her hair and coloring and would gladly pay the $99. I previously contacted her about just purchasing that part of the tutorial and she said no. :cry:

Anyone own or use it? Wondering if it’s a good tutorial? I’ve purchased some in the past (not hers) that I wasn’t thrilled with.

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$500? Wow, that is a lot of money. I wonder if many people buy it at that price.


There was some big todo about this on facebook. I don’t know the details.

Oh gee, I missed that. If you find anything out please let me know. Thanks!

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I purchased it about a year ago when it was 99.00. When she first came out with it. I haven’t really tried it yet. I’ve watched it numerous times. She has added several modules to it since I purchased it. Modules for painting tongues, torsos n ethnic painting etc. it was worth the 99.00. I wouldn’t pay 500.00 tho.


Art is about learning as you go and working out your own style. If people feel they need to spend $500 on tutorial, they probably will never make it. There are so many free or very reasonably tuts to set people on the right path.


I purchased the tutorial when it was $99 about a year ago when I was first starting to learn how to reborn. I personally found it was really helpful and followed it step by step to paint my first babies… she does have some great videos touching on the business side of things as well, which are good. I personally found the content to be very good and easy to follow. I know that taking a class at the doll show is also usually several hundred dollars, so I don’t think the $500 is necessarily unreasonable since you access the content for life, but it definitely makes it less affordable for all.

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I also purchased it when it was $99, and found it to be a great investment. I agree 100% about the cost, $500 is a lot to spend on anything that’s not a necessity, and I’m the first to admit that I’d never spend $500 on it, but knowing what I know about it, my personal opinion is that it’s more than worth $500. This updates and keeps you current on things happening This analogy is kind of out there, but it’s the same concept…If someone PAYS to join Jenny Craig and expects Jenny to magically make their weight fall off while they continue to inhale pop tarts and chug cartons of Ben & Jerry’s, they’re going to be super disappointed at their next weigh in, but if they follow Jenny’s modules and put in the time and work, they’ll see the results when the next dress they buy is 2 sizes smaller. SO just like with Jenny, this tutorial has all the makings to produce some great results; in both the art and business aspects, but ultimately the results depend on the user and the work they’re willing to put into it. When I purchased the tutorial I had zero interest in the business aspect because reborning is merely a hobby for me, but after reading all of it, I saw how I could tailor it to fit my hobby needs. Since doing so, I rarely ever list babies for sell online anymore, and I sell more babies than I ever did relying on reborns, etsy, fb or other online means. So while my hobby was already paying for itself, the info I learned in the business modules has definitely taken it to a whole other level. Who’s to say, maybe a “business” light bulb would have come on all by itself in time, without the tutorial, but I’ll never know.

@jubileej The controversy that went down on FB came when Shaylen hosted a live event and invited those of us who already had the tutorial as well as others who had shown an interest. The email invitation CLEARLY said that the event was about promoting The Master’s Series Tutorial; showing her painting technique, business start-up info,etc …all of the same verbiage that’s in the actual modules that we already own. Long story short, some folks showed up and flipped their lid, because instead of reading the invitation in it’s entirety to know what it was, they assumed it was going to be her on video doing a live painting demonstration. When they got there and discovered what it was, instead of just leaving, they decided to start making rude comments, calling her names and whatnot and just being downright disrespectful. Then to add insult to injury, at the end of the video, whoever was behind the camera seemed to have some challenges and didn’t turn the camera off correctly so the video kept rolling and streamed personal video/conversation between Shaylen and her husband and also her children into the private room. Somehow the person was able to capture the video/audio and they posted in on facebook in reborning groups on the page walls, etc in attempts to drag her name through the mud, because on the audio she was pissed off and venting about the audacity of people and their sense of entitlement, thinking she was just going to give a 2-3 hour live video painting class for free, and the nerve of them getting pissed off because she wasn’t.

For those who are curious about it, The video modules really are a step by step that offer a lot of flexibility. If you like her exact style it’s fool proof to follow the modules using the same color pallet and end up with a baby that’s pretty spot on to hers. Personally I love her style, but I like my own even better, so I switch up the color pallet to personalize it to fit my vision of kit I’m painting. The pallet she shares is super helpful as a starting point, and to get you familiar with how the different colors mute or enhance one another based on the order in which you paint them, for me, it’s this layering technique that I most appreciate. The art of reborning is all about layering however, of the dozens of other tutorials I’ve used, both free and purchased, none do the layering is this manner. Once you understand her pallet and why it’s layered in that series, it’s really easy to mix-n-match your own colors using the color wheel to stay within the correct shades (if that makes any sense). It’s about more than just finding the opposite or adjacent colors on the color wheel.

Some folks are naturals when it comes to the art of reborning and other art forms in general, others are not, so a really good tutorial (and lots of practice) could be what they need to get them to the next level of making really nice babies. The idea that someone will never “make it” just because they spend money, no matter the cost, on a tutorial/classes is absolute RUBBISH!!!..Are we so dim to think that every professional artist of any kind has done it all on their own; never taken a class, never done an apprenticeship, etc…just picked up a brush or a wad of clay and walked head first into stardom? That sounds too stupid to even roll off the lips. I’m sure even our wonderful big name kit sculptors have taken classes along the way and learned things from other sculptors…I guess they haven’t “made it” either. Does “Learning from the Masters” ring any bells? If not look it up. People travel from the 4 corners of the world, wait years for visas and will damn near sell their kidney on the black market to get spots in those classes. And yes, there are free tutorials floating around that can help people get started, but there’s also nothing wrong with someone wanting to step their game up and learn something new. If we were all as good and we though we were there’d never be a need for anyone to learn anything new. Not everyone wants to settle on being Ebay famous, some people actually want to do something with their art and/or just to improve their skills and take their art to new levels…so STOP HATING!!!


I agree with @ludmila . You can watch free tutorials on youtube, on FB, and read about them to find your own way. No amount of money spent is going to teach you someone else’s methods, art is about finding your own. How do I know all this, well, after 16 years of being in the reborn community, I purchased enough of other people’s tutorials to know.


$500 for a tutorial? Im going to say that probably not many people have purchased it!

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The people participating in the group are about 115 so at least that many. But with the cost going up to $500 aftet that introductory period, not sure how many more will.

@DancesWithDolls thank you so much for your information. It has been very helpful. And thanks to all you ladies that commented. It is always helpful to hear your options. This board is always my go to. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your post! I have not taken Shaylen’s course, but I did listen to her webinar on taking the course recently. I have no doubt it’s probably the best out there if you learn best by watching and then doing. There are currently 31 modules. She also covers where to sell and how. The course has a payment plan and a :100:% money back guarantee and I did not hear a time limit on the guarantee and lifetime access with upgrades to the course. I’m actually tempted to take the class even though I have an extremely successful reborn business and have taken other classes (Excellence in Reborn Artistry, Secrist, Denise Pratt, etc.) Classes at doll shows are the same price but limited on time. All of these are in one place. I’m always looking for ways to improve my art skill and business. I feel badly that the haters attacked her, she’s obviously an accomplished artist in the industry. Just to put a comprehensive course like this together is such endeavor. When and if I take the course, I will put another review here. Thank you!! :blush:

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I am reading this post today and thought maybe this is your opportunity to see a little bit of her tutorial for free👍, that’s what I am doing now. She has a free modules/ tutorials due to Covid 19.

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Thank you. I’ll have to check that out!

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I have been doing the same!

I also registered to see a webinar this coming week. I thought is also free. I understand people’s frustration on both sides, but for me; If is free, I take what is offer, and if is too expensive, I buy what I think is fair price, or buy when the item is on sale or finally let it pass. ( I do the same with expensive phones).

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