Anyone Notice-----

I know that some of you belong to other doll forums also, have you noticed how SLOW they are??? Everytime I check them there is very little to nothing new on them. Is our Bountiful Baby forum the only one that"s
s active? I think everyone has migrated to ours due to the kindness, caring and encouragement offered here. Also another thing may be the lack of drama on this one, I have also heard some of the forums are cliqueish and some people report not getting any responses to their questions etc. I am so happy with the way we treat everyone here including newcomers.


I have noticed the same thing, Lynn. I am part of several forums, but I only hang out here where I have found real friends!


I agree 100%…I think all the ladies here are very nice. I have not noticed anyone being snobby or clickish here…We all sort of come in and out regularly depending on what is going on in our lives but everyone is kind to each other. I always try to comment on most every thread (if I see them…some get past me though…not sure how that happens but every now and then I scan the main list and see something pop up there I never saw…so ladies…if I miss your post some times…it is not intentional ignoring…it just whizzed past and I missed it (getting slower these days so that could be part of the problem) :smile:


I think all forums have “dry spells”. I’ve been a member here for quite some time and there have been slow times here too. :frowning: I haven’t seen any forums dry completely up though, thankfully. The people and the connections is what keeps them going. They always seem to pick back up so don’t be discouraged by forum dry spells. I have been fortunate in my 3 years in reborning to have met many many wonderful ladies…oops people in the reborn community.


Hi everybody! I was busy all summer and havent reborned. I wont even make the Dumplin challenge, darn it. I have been catching up reading but haven’t responded much. This forum is great. Like Starr said you can come and go on this forum and it’s always nice to come back to.


I love the BB forum and have no desire to join another one! Everyone here is so nice and so helpful and so sincere. Love the ladies here!! You really do care about each other and the problems encountered when making out beautiful babies! Thank you all for accepting me with open arms and for all the help you have given me. I can’t wait for the day when I am knowledgeable enough to be able help others here.


I love this forum, too! There’s great info, support and fun! :slight_smile: