Anyone know why eye prices have gone up so much

I have been eye shopping and the prices have just gone up so much . It has made me wonder why.


both glass and acrylic.

Polyglass seem to be about the same :thinking: I have seen glass eye prices fluctuate

Are you in America? If you are buying eyes from other countries it might be because American dollar has gone down in value against most currencies.


Yes, I buy mine all internationally and it has, and prices have gone way up on the German glass eyes

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Yes i am in the u.s.

I buy my eyes directly from Germany, and I just checked; prices in euro look pretty much the same as last time I bough some
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and EYECO look cheaper if anything, but I did not buy any acrylic eyes for many years

If American suppliers are charging lot more for imported eyes, they are paying more to get them.


Thank you I will check it out.
I have not had to buy any for a good while since i had a box of them.
Usually i can get them from bb but they are out of alot now.

thank you, I bought my needles from them last year and was trying to find the site! tyvm!

Speakig of polyglass, I wasn’t sure if that was a trademarked product or a generic term. Now, i can’t wait to see them.

2 Likes though they take a little longer to get here, mine took 2 weeks.


They really are beautiful

They have some good prices for glass eyes if the shipping is not a fortune.
Thank you for sharing.

Which ones? How much did they go up? There are many different makers in Germany. German sellers have their prices set in euro, if you are paying in US$, you get less than you would have 6 months ago. It has nothing to do with the price of the item. Of-course, it is possible that some sellers/manufactures also put their prices up. Costs of manufacturing go up, and prices go up.

I buy the full blown glass ones. Been buying from a seller on ebay, great service but they have been going up in the last year, like 5.00 a set. Might be the money exchange too

I bought two pairs from the link you posted and it came to about 30.00 a set with the shipping.
They were 20 mm glass so thats pretty compared to the u.s. prices