Anyone know who this baby is?

Hi guys! I am wondering if anyone can identify this adorable baby? The seller had one available last week and I asked her what kit is is but got no response. I love this baby!

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@izzy? or @kristi?

She reminds me of Linda Murray kits… but I am not sure.

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@jlesser That’s what I thought too!

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Well I have asked about her babies before.What kit and I never get an answer from her.I believe that is one of Cindy Sales dolls that she had listed? Isn’t that who JoGranny1955 is?

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IDK which kit this is but she sure is cute. Might it be a China kit?

@CarolinaCuties Yep, that is her. I really want to know what baby this is. She is sooo adorable.

@jeanhai I was just thinking that too…darn itttt.

Yes, Cindy Sales

I think a China baby kit- but kinda reminded me of LTR Jordyn at first- I think they copy the features
but too big obviously

I also think this is a China kit. Seems like one i’ve seen them list.

Wonder why she doesn’t respond to questions on her listings?

Maybe she doesnt reply if it is a China kit cause sometimes other cause a stink when it is a China kit?

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Maybe,but if I am asking it’s because I want one. lol… Correction… not want a China kit but like her version so much that I want to know what kit so I can make my own.

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@CarolinaCuties So true! LOL!

@kristi OMG Jordyn is CUTE!!!

While i understand the reluctance to buy China kits, some of them are really cute and aren’t copies.

@jeanhai I agree! This one doesn’t look like a copy. I would love to buy this kit. I am going to keep searching!

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If you find out,please let me know.

I think Dolls By Sandie has her. #14 under Primary Kits. See if you think it’s her.


Definitely her. These are the “legit” kits from China. They still seem a bit less than legitimate to me though.

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yes, that is the Chinese kit DK 14

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Anyone happen to notice the seller lists her as a BB baby? Funny that none of us recognize her then. :wink: