Anyone know where to get

Does anyone know where to get this baby doll? I have someone in Korea insisting on this baby. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is one of the Berenguers. You should try looking for it on JC toys - Dolls by Berenguer page!

Not sure, maybe it’s this one: … _500wt_689
Or one of these: … 7663wt_908

Thanks SO MUCH Friki !! I was check JC but no luck. The first ebay link looks the closest I have found. You’ve been a tremendous help !!

No problem! I’m pretty sure it is one of the “Lots to love” dollies, but they have so many expressions it’s hard to find that particular face

Maybe even this one: … 1c24431726

We have some lots to love at our walmart and meijers, ill check today and see if thats one of them and let u know.

Send that lady in Korea photos of what is available and let her choose another one… It is the Lots to Love or Lots to Cuddle… Our Walmart carries them, but I don’t know if that face is available… They are only about $14.00 and have full vinyl body…

Kmart carries them, too.

I’ll look at here at our Walmart too!

I would try K-Mart. I have seen them there - I think 14 or 16".


Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate it !!

Try walmart or kmart if you have them there iv seen them there

I used to buy Berenguers years ago at Kmart…I checked today just in case, but no luck. Sorry. If you don’t find one by Monday I’m going to Walmart and will check there, too.

Did you get one yet Marcy I know they have them at wally world!

No I still have not found "the one"
Thanks everyone for helping. If anyone finds a link to her, please let me know. Thanks again ~

I just left Walmart and looked at every one of those babies – none with that particular expression. I’ll keep my eye out though!

Thanks Ginny, I just checked and they didnt have that face either. Grr.