Anyone know this person?

i have a buyer from facebook named Debbie Fisher. I think she is in Texas. She is being NICE… I dont trust anyone anymore apparently.:roll_eyes: Just want to make sure she is not a scammer.

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She’s bought from me before. No issues whatsoever. Everything went smoothly.

Thank you so much!! She has been so kind and so complimentary about my dolls I have showed her that I figured there MUST be a catch in there somewhere.

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UGH. So she is giving me problems now. First she wanted the baby to have some more hair. I didnt mind doing that at all. I added all i had left of that color. Then she kept saying she would pay by paypal “today “ and its been a week now. Then i didnt hear from her for several days. Today i messaged her, let me know if you want her or not. So she said well, she isnt happy with her hair.

Too bad. I already put in extra labor and time and materials, i am not jumping through hoops for customers.

Was this for a custom?

No. She saw a picture of the finished doll and liked it.

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Oh geez, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that! Now I’m sorry I vouched for her!