Anyone into the hunger games?

I was thinking the other night, that based on the movie, Katniss is BEAUTIFUL!!! And she has GREAT hair. I am, by no means, talented enough to do it, but someone should definately take an older doll and make a Katniss out of her!!! I’d LOVE to see it!!!

I LOVE movie. i read the books first then watched it, I was thinking the other day of naming a doll katniss and making her from the movie. but wow she would look good as a older child.

I recon Rue would be cute too!

I saw the movie but I guess I will have to go look again. Character babies are so neat.

I love the books but keep forgetting that Cait has the movie and that I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I’ll find time to watch it today. With her being homeschooled, I have to not watch interesting things during the day so I don’t distract her. Bummer Oh well, I have eyebrows to tackle anyway.