Anyone having problems with the Genesis matte varnish

I bought my first jar of Genesis heat set matte varnish with the complete kit Bountiful babies sells or sold, haven’t looked lately. Anyway I used up my little jar of the matte varnish so I decided to order the 4 oz. jar of matte varnish from them next. I have no idea what is in this jar but it isn’t the varnish I don’t think.

I have applied it to three dolls now and everyone of them has turned very smooth and extremely shiny once I have heat set  whatever the stuff is. It still goes the weird white if it isn't heat set enough but you have to keep heat setting it and heating it and when it finally isn't turning white when you touch it, then the vinyl is now way more shiny and almost to the point of feeling tacky. Can't really discribe what I exactly am feeling but I know I don't like the feel of the vinyl at all once I have applied it. The tiny bottle I had when you applied it, wasn't too bad to heat set and it felt slightly rough and you could see a textured look to it. This stuff just makes the vinyl extremely smooth and very very shiny. The more the vinyl is handled, the shinier it gets. I haven't handled the doll a real lot and it looks like I spit polished the surface where I applied this stuff.  If you try to add more layers to try to stop the shine, then it just gets shinier and shinier per layer.
What the heck is this I have that is labeled heat set matte varnish?

My varnish almost seems like it is a bit harder to heat set too but when it is heat set, it turns very shiny and very smooth feeling. Yuck exactly what I don’t want on my reborn.