Anyone have VINYL: Noah by Severine Piret

I purchased Noah’s kit at ROSE from BB directly. This poor little kit was at the bottom of the bin, with head dented in… everyone moved him aside… I like misfits lol. So he caught my eye. I just finished reshaping his head, and O.M.G…he’s so darn cute! But now I can’t find him online, only silicone. Was he ever released? I’m looking for details on him:

Length, Body Size, Edition Information, or anything to prove his authenticity. He came with no COA, and was part of the sales bin. Any information would be helpful.

If you have him painted in vinyl, I’d love to see!


I don’t have an answer for you but oh my goodness is he PRECIOUS or what? :face_holding_back_tears::heart:

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Did you get the only one in existence? I can’t find him anywhere.

Looks like he was produced in silicone only? Might have been one of the kits that went to the bad factory? Does he have JD numbers on the flange?

I will take a look now. If it was the bad factory, what does that mean for the kit. Will this be a horrible time to paint?

He’s sooo cute. I have a few Severine Piret kits, and hes now my fav lol. Im really hoping to find another

lol idk but i hope not. I want another one!

Nope, no JD on the flange.

I also got Mitchell in vinyl for BB at the ROSE show. Can’t even find him and Noah, on discontinued site.


I think they were produced at the “ bad” factory. Some of those were going to be produced by JoyDolls, but I think it has been a slow process. The “alternate” factory used paint to try to cover up flaws and it created problems for people painting them. I don’t remember now what the ultimate solution was, but hopefully someone will jump in on this thread.

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thanks for the info, i’ll look to see if there was a talk about it. I’ve looked them both over and cant find flaws or issues, other then Noahs head dented in. I will say the vinyl is very soft, white and a little thin. I will be having to watch him in the oven.


Hi Amanda :slight_smile:
You got a cute one. I didnt even get the time or money :wink: to look at their sale per ounce thing. lol

I had nothing else to do… I need a Kits Anonymous group lol I heard BB sale and it was all a blur after that lol.

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Mitchell info… Question about Charlie - #5 by PhotographyForLife

Some of the kits from the ‘other’ factory developed random yellow spots.

I brought home Charlie, . I think i will practice air dry paints on them.

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