Anyone got kits for sale?

I need to find two kits for cheaper than the bountiful baby price. Is that possible? Anyone got any? Wanna make my first reborn’s but god it costs a lot to get started.

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Which ones are you looking for?

BB are probably the cheapest you are going find.

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BB kits are always on sale for 50% off. Some might be 30%. You just have to check the home page often because they switch out the kits that are on sale a couple of times a day.

Any kits will do. I promised my 2 nieces that they could have the first two that i make and any kit will work.

Go look at the BB seconds.They did have a couple of kits really CHEAP.I have used seconds several times and never found anything wrong with them.

The 10 inch kits are a good price when on sale. You can try Goodwill and reborn an old doll baby that is what I did for my first one.

I agree. I’ve ordered several seconds and never had a problem with them.

BB has Faith seconds for $14.95 each.She is a beautiful sleeping kit and paints up nicely.I believe she is 18 inch.

I will check that out. Thank you.

I have Cookie (1st quality) and her body