Anyone ever use a Cassidy wig?

I need a wig for Eliza. Mommy wants a wig to cut down costs on her but I’m not sure which wig to go with. I don’t want it to be too long but does the Cassidy wig look a little boyish? It’s so hard to tell from photos. Also do I need to order the size BB recommends or does it run small or big or anything? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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The Cassidy wig is cute but it only gets glued around the crown and then brushed down around the rest of the head. I personally like full cap wigs better. Dolls So Real has one called Baby K clear cap wig that looks more babyish to me but there’s only 5 colors to choose from. The honey blonde is nice. The recommended size should be fine.

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That one is cute but I need one in black or a very dark brown. I wonder if anyone else carries it. I’ll look around a little more today.

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Maybe if you get a really light one you could dye it.

Oh I never thought of that!

I have used the Cassidy wigs back in the day and I liked them for the babyish look. Yes, they are partial cap but then that lends itself to the baby not looking so “wigged”. You can also go up a size to give a better head coverage and then trim the edges of the hair. I used to do that all the time.


@paula_farcas has some cute ones but I don’t know if they are the right size.

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Don’t have any Cassidy wigs right now but you can use them that way. I have a student that didn’t want to root a big head she took that wig and rooted around the under side of the wig and it looks like the hole head was rooted.

1 Like here is were I get my wigs . she has a great supply of different wigs and dealers. I think you will be able to get your wig here and there is a place on the site that shows you how to measure for the right size wig. hope this helps.