Anyone else having trouble accessing discontinued kit information?

I’m trying to get into the page they set aside to showcase the discontinued kits and their information and it won’t open. Is it not a thing anymore? I need size information on Annie by Donna Rupert. How many inches she’s supposed to be and her eye size. Anyone know?

They deleted all that info a long time ago :pleading_face:. They deleted the whole page when they added all the discontinued kits recently and people freaked out. I don’t think they are discontinuing all of them as some of them aren’t showing as discontinued anymore, at least they haven’t show up in the close outs

Anyway I asked them if they were going to make that I do accessible again since they are deleting close out kit pages when they sell out and even mentioned that macs keeps there up so the info can be accessible for bodies ring plugs eyes etc and their response was to just email them and ask about whatever kit you are wanting info on.:roll_eyes:

I think everyone should email them just so they set up a page cause they just discontinued alot and we don’t have access to any of that info :pleading_face:


I wish it would stay updated and accessible


Knd of sad that they tell you to go to McP’s for info on their own kits. I am glad I wrote down a lot of them, anymore when I buy I write down body and eye sizes, rings and plugs just for safety incase it is gone before I paint. :footprints: :baby:

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I use to keep a data base on all this but no one seemed interested so I quit updating it had it done by 3/4 and full limbs and mixed length limbs along with bodies, eyes, rings and plugs for each kit. The computer I had it on has crashed so no longer have it

Nooooo I meant that BB said to email them as in BB themselves with what info you needed for whatever kit. Macs wouldn’t have that information :wink: