Anyone done Khloe marie?

Just curious if anyone has done khloe Marie? I have only seen @pia version and she is lovely.

I have the kit and by looking at it, it seems to me like her head is a little too big for her limbs. Wondered if anyone else has thought this?

I thought she was well proportioned. Marita has a chart that shows the head, body, limbs, etc. measurements for different aged babies that she follows, so I am pretty sure hers are accurate. Babies do seem to have big heads when they are born though. I think you will LOVE the kit. I think there have been several prototypes shown (McPhersons has them) and Judy West has an AA version on eBay right now.


Yours is gorgeous!

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Thanks Pia! I can’t wait to start her!

I have her but not painted her yet.

I am working on her. I hope to finish her this weekend. Her limbs curl up so nicely. I think she is well proportioned. I have a picture of both her and Landon. They are both in progress.


They are both gorgeous.

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Your Landin is beautiful Julie! I may just have to get that kit too!

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Oh my goodness they are so cute!

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Thank you ladies!