Anyone done Amy Faber?

I need to figure out what size eyes to order. Recommended is 20mm. I normally would order a 20mm and 22mm, but the customer wants German glass so that won’t be happening. :smile:

Do you drink? If so, I suggest a whole bottle of something strong, before you set those eyes LOL!!! I was on a Faber kick for years, made a lot of her and the Jasmine/ and the other baby, I can’t remember the name, and Nala. I use to use the German glass flatbacks, and 20 mm is the highest I would go. I suggest the full blown, they might be easier. Maybe even try an 18 mm … the eyes are really deep set, and have thick vinyl around them, on the face, BUT they make the cutest big babies <3

Oh no!! :scream: And not because I don’t drink… I most definitely do. Lol I hate setting eyes. I’m not good at it because I do mostly sleeping babies, so this will be a nightmare. Why do all of the cute kits have such horrible eye sockets??? Saskia drove me crazy with this.

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I don’t remember the exact problem, been maybe 2-2.5 years since I did one, but I remember them rocking in the sockets (if smaller) or if you use the 22, they pop out (I put them in from inside, never tried from the front) I used eye wax, then tried with a bit of putty, none of it worked. Saskia drove me crazy too, and Liam is bad too, inside :frowning:
so far, the best thing that has worked for me, I took the white eyelash glue, I buy from MacPhearsons, smear it on the eye… let sit till just tacky, quickly inset and hold for a minute, then lay face down in bowl, with big blob of the E2000 glue

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Sounds like a winning plan to me, @NancyW. Thank you. I just ordered some of that eyelash from Macphersons. What’s the working time on it?

it dries pretty quickly. And to clean it off of the eyeball in the front, I use a wet q-tip, let it soften well, then a sharp exacto knife to lift the glue off. I really love this glue, bet you will too

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