Anyone bought from Noniesangelsreborn?

Was thinking of purchasing a kit from there. Anyone buy from there, what was your experience? Thanks! :smiley:

Yes!! That’s where I purchased my Dixie kit​:blush::blush:

I have no bad comments to say☺️

I love Nonie’s Angels. She has good products and service. She’s also the only one I know of that has no hole baby bottle nipples.

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She is great! Answers emails immediately and ships quickly!

I ordered one kit on pre-order and I now have the kit. The entire process was smooth.

I bought a doll from her. Her prices are great and the service is good. The selection is limited but I would certainly buy from her again. I think I bought Phoenix from her.

Yes, no problems real easy transaction, really nice lady.

I order from her all the time. She is wonderful to deal with, and I have never had any problems.

Always had good experience ordering from Gina.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! She has a great price on a kit I like so it’s good to know no one has had any problems :blush:

What kit, Becca?

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Hattie by Casssie Peek :wink:

Haha that made me laugh. It’s pretty ironic. :slight_smile:

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She’s sold out there, though :frowning: so looks like ill be buying from Irresistables. How irresistible…