Anyone besides me buy the Doll World Tutorial Book? (rant)

I got the e-book edition. I’m so glad I didn’t drop $50 on the printed copy. What a waste of $20! I thought there would be something I would learn from the book, even though I’ve been reborning for about a year and a half. I think a beginner would benefit more from the tutorials and turorial book from BB. I hope to go into sculpting sometime in the future, and I thought that at least that chapter would be informative. Well, it wasn’t. I was left with the same questions I had before I viewed the chapter. I thought perhaps that it would show the mottling with the berry maker - something I’ve always wanted to know exactly how to do. Nothing like that was included. I should have used the money for something else!

Next time I’m not buying anything that I can’t see a review or preview section first.

I got an email about it from a reputable reborner. Incidentally, I thought she would be doing a painting tutorial, as she’s go good at that. Instead, it was someone else who did so many layers and colors of paint - it was unbelievable. Plus, baking a doll a dozen or more times no doubtedly comprises the vinyl’s stability.

I am sorry you girls didn’t benefit from the book.
when I first started I got one off ebay for $5 !!! that was before there were real tutorials, online classes…and the few reborners did not share!
this instruction ‘manuel’ said to use lipstick to blush…and beans or rice could be used to weight the doll…things like that!!! lol

a couple years later I took an online course by a couple of well known artists for $50…I picked up maybe two tips off the thing! guess I at least got some encouragement that I was doing it right! lol

Glad to hear your input on the book I was getting ready to buy ladies…now, believe I will pass!


That’s horrible! I hope reborners didn’t follow that tutorial!

Lara is really a good person!

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Lara is really a good person!

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Ditto to that!

Oh wow, i"m so glad you posted this. I was sort of curious about that book, and now i’m so glad I didn’t buy it. I’m so sorry that you feel you wasted your money Maybe you can get a refund? Thanks for the heads up ladies…you all are the best!!

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Never heard of it. Did try the ‘Excellence in Reborn Artistry’ ones and oh boy! are they for beginners!

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Yes, and they are so expensive. Tried several of her books and discovered that she just copy and paste from book to book. I was so mad I sent her a nasty email and am still amazed to see her great feedback on ebay. Her books are SO bad and SO outdated. I haven’t tried the book noted in this thread though.

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I have heard the same things about her books…it’s a shame that people charge so much for something that isn’t the best quality