Anybody use the new FantasyFX HSP?

I am thinking about ordering some of these paints for the Spark baby dragons I’m doing for my sons. Has anybody used these yet? Could you post pictures if you have? I’m wondering if they are as easy to use as GHSP and what kind of effect they have once baked.


I saw those they look beautiful! Made me think of doing a mermaid! They would be perfect for spark :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. This is why I wish artists listed all their products used. Though maybe it’s a good thing they don’t cause I’d spend soooo much more money

Twisted Bean Stalk (Bean) has videos on her youtube using them :slight_smile: I think there are 3 videos so far with them


LOL, duh. See, this is why you would be the main moderator :wink:


I bought some but have not tried them yet. I bought the small set of six to try. They are supposedly GHSP and i know Bean uses GHSP and that these were her and McP’s collaboration if these are the ones you are talking about.