Anybody See Realborn(R) Presley?

Just got an email from BB about their new Realborn kits Presley Asleep and Awake. Must admit that the details on those little feet look pretty amazing! I’m more interested than I thought I would be. Also interested to hear you all weigh in with your opinions . . .

I am all for realism. I look forward to buying one,

Must have for me …both…they would make a cute pair of twins .

First, I want to say that the real baby is so precious! And, I am looking forward to getting both sleeping & awake when the are available – what great kits. I’m especially thrilled to see nice ears

I love the detail. Are they going to be priced like the normal kits?

I’m very interested in seeing how this turns out.

It would be neat if they had another contest like they
did with Chanel and Candy.

Oh, I can’t wait till they come out. I love the detail of hands and feet. I want one at least.

Realborns Presley asleep & awake are AWESOME!!! Would love to reborn them & totally look forward to it!! =O)

Quinlynn on Ebay: