Anybody Recognize this Doll?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a doll that looks like this one, for my collection. It’s listed as “unbranded,” and I can’t find a doll with a similar face anywhere. Anybody recognize it?

I just love the cheeks and the little chin! :slight_smile:


Does the tag say the year it was made? I might be able to track it down if I have the year…

I haven’t actually seen it in person. I was watching it on eBay, and it sold. :confused: The seller listed the year as 2000, but I don’t know if that was just an estimate or what. The seller is also in Australia (which is why I didn’t buy the doll- I was hoping that I’d be able to find a lookalike closer to home. :wink: ) I was thinking maybe a Cititoy or Kingstate doll, but I haven’t found a match.

Edit: And it’s a 45cm doll, so 18".

Here is a 2000 Cititoy

Awe she is precious :heart_eyes: