Anybody here reborning the berenguers from KMart?

we don’t have Kmart in Texas anymore…but these dolls have been released to Kmart (last year actually) and more due to be released this month!
just wondered how many here are reborning them?
I have a head and need limbs…do any of you have one of these dolls AND a set of the Pratt triplet’s limbs and could tell me if they are in proportion to these doll heads?

How much do they cost?

hey Kim…if you have a KMart near you…I am told they are about $20

I have a Kmart here. I can go this weekend and see if they have any. The website just shows the 11 inch La Baby. It appears the Lots of Love dolls are Berenguer as well. The website has 1 AA doll in that line.

I’m pretty sure the ones at K-Mart are all vinyl, too but are NOT anatomically correct.


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I just bought the two open eyed dolls at kmart. $21 each. I just love the expresions.
Ok now for the questions, what does everyone use to strip these dolls or any pre-painted doll before they reborn them?
Thank you

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Acetone from a place like home depot, lowes, etc.

My better half last night volunteered my services to make a look alike for a coworker! AND not charge?!?! Says to me, “OH you can use a berenguer.” Well, Berenguers cost also. This is a memorial to a baby that died at age 10 months. How the heck am I to find a Berenguer that looks like a toddler? Oh boy!

I have yet to see a picture of this baby but hopefully some of you Berenguer reborners can guide me when I do get his photo!

Hmmm…maybe we should start volunteering THEM for things lol

wanted to add here…be careful with the acetone as if you rub very much you get shiney vinyl!! I usually use Goof Off…then wash it good and give it a fast swipe with acetone where the hair paint is hard to get off. I read somewhere there is a brush cleaner by windsor newton you can get at the craft stores that will take it off…