Anybody have patterns?

Hey guys! I’m just wondering if anybody knows of any free patterns for 10" baby clothes. Sewing or crocheting, please. Thanks in advance🙂

I have a pattern I can share with you for a dress, you may have to downsize it a bit! PM me your email!

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For my 10" dolls I’ve used #10 crochet thread and a newborn pattern. Because the crochet thread is so much smaller than yarn, it comes out just right.


Thank you!

That is great to know. What size hook do you use @jeanhai?


I have a 10 inch pattern I can send to your email so you can print it out I’m on vacation be home Saturday I can send it then it’s a sewing pattern


Sure I will pm you my email

Ok I will send it Saturday

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Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:

I use a size 3.


I have size 10" 16" I think 18" 22" not sure about 18" will check when I get home Saturday 22 " fits newborn perfect

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I do. I will look them up and give you the info.

I do what @jeanhai does.:grinning:use crochet thread and smaller hook. You can get free crochet patterns on Bernet, Red Heart, and :relaxed: