Anybody have Lara's just born book?

I’m thinking about getting it, but seeing as how I just got the strawberries and cream one, and then come to find out, don’t hardly have any of the colors to go with it :/, and on top of that, can’t afford new colors and a book at the same time, if anyone has this book and could PM me or something, the colors needed to achieve the look, before I buy it, I’d great appreciate it!!! Thanks

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Her just born book is one of the best in my opinion. I have used it several times. Oh you beautiful doll is also a good one. Enjoy!

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I have the beautiful doll one!! I love it, cause in a pinch it’ll work on just about any kit. I also have the older babies one, that I used on lady bug before. Turned out WONDERFUL!!! I just bought the strawberries and cream!!! Doin a red headed lady bug now!!! Love it so far

I need NEW LIFE BEGINS :heart: