Anybody else have this problem?

Almost every baby I make looks like a boy…even a kit that is meant to be a girl either by the sculptor or in my vision…it ends up a boy.


I seem to be having this at the moment too. But then I’ve always been more drawn to baby boys so I may be influencing the outcome myself. A pretty dress and hairband can make all the difference though.


same with me, the kits all look like boys to me (except Bonnie by Linda Murray) Have no idea why??

I have always struggled with making girls. Even when I adopt a baby and see it as a girl, it eventually becomes a boy. I think some people just tend to lean one way or the other. I’ve seen many artists that make mostly girls and others that make mostly boys.

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All mine turn out girls. I’m opposite. Even boy sculpts turn out as girls for me.

I struggle with hair parting! If it’s to sharp or comb over like it’s all boy to me!

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I’m often not sure which gender my babies will be until I start rooting them. Other times I know from the “get-go”. Mine usually turn out to be girls. I’d say I do 80% girls.

Yes,yes i have😕