Any silicone artists on here?

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the world of painting silicone! I’m hoping there’s some other artists on here who will be able to help me out, I’m getting the silicone starter tutorial that’s on MacPhersons. I’m nervous because of the high price of silicone but it’s been something I’ve wanted to try for a while now! Any tips or tricks for getting started would be appreciated! :heart:


Oooooh good luck and have fun! I know a few peeps dipped their toes in too… @Gabriell and @Reborndaddyog there were a few others but I can’t remember… I’m thinking @cajuncuties or someone who has an avatar similar to hers? :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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@Blissfulbabies does goregous silicone painting but not sure she has time to pop in. :heart:

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I’d get a silicone practice face from MacPherson’s to get the hang of it.


My tip would be to take a class. It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes time and patience. This is not something you wand to scrimp on. Here’s just a few pics of my work. .


I have just made one so far, plus 3 practice faces. It’s not easy, but not so difficult. Buy practice faces from MacPhearson. They are great to get the hang of it !
Kits are expensive, but paint is too. The hardest thing to me was to get the colors right, they are less pigmented than my Golden acrylic!


@oliviamarie I will be doing the same thing early next year! Can’t wait to see how you do. I’ll be watching!

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I’ve worked with silicone before when making prosthetics as a makeup artist and I’m curious to see just how different it is for painting reborns in silicone.

When you paint silicone, is it possible to get the paint to be smooth like the blank mold? Perhaps I’m doing something stupid but I tried painting a face and the doll looks like he has poison oak/ivy all over his face. Paint brushes leave weird grooves but sponging leaves this texture behind that literally looks like poison on the baby’s face. Is there a way to make this more smooth?

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Really really thin layers, almost wipe off. Or thin the paint down enough that it’s look almost like regular paint.

I have been doing silicone for awhile : they are not easy , but you can do it . My tip would be : be patient . If you do a mistake on silicone you can’t go back . So you need to have more attention . Inspect , inspect and inspect before use your heat gun :wink:
Also start small . ( I have some tiny boo boo mini for sale very cheap if you want it ) have fun and good luck !!:heart:


Glad you noticed this thread. I was about to bring it to your attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

@joyce_angel1 Do you still have some tiny boo boo mini silicones for sale?

Hello! I’m also interested to hear more about the boo boos you’ve got, please