Any recommend tutorials for a first baby?

I’m trying to study as many tutorials as I can before I start my first baby. The ones I have seen so far are ones from Reborn my Love, Miracle Babies Nursery and Denise Pratt. Does any one know if there are any other ones I should watch or who’s are the best? I was thinking of forming my own plan based on everything I picked up from all of them. Does this sound like a bad idea or should I just pick one and follow it exactly?


custom doll baby nursery is where I first learned and the tutorials are free!


Hi, and welcome to the forum. Watch Kim, customdollbaby on YouTube. She is always recommended to watch. Good luck with your first baby.

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Hi and welcome! Are you planning on using air dry or ghsp paints? That would help you decide which tutorials would be best to follow.

I use air dry and I still followed custom doll baby. There is no better step by step tutorial for a first baby.


Welcome! There’s so much to learn from artists here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome aboard! Don’t be surprised when you find yourself addicted to this hobby. As the others have said, the “reborn with me” series by Kim from Custom Doll Baby is definitely the way to go. Her videos are very in depth and thorough. I found through watching the process that I became familiar with it. When I finally painted my first doll I felt much more comfortable than I think I otherwise would have been.

As you paint more dolls, you will find that you prefer some techniques over others. For now though, definitely check out Kim’s videos on YouTube. It’s a large investment of time that helps prepare you for the time (and money) consuming hobby that is reborning. I look forward to seeing you around.