Any Raleigh Winters out there?

I’m expecting my Raleigh kit tomorrow. I have wanted to paint her forever. I need inspiration. I’ve seen some beautiful Caucasian and biracial Raleighs but today I saw a gorgeous darker AA. Share your Raleigh please.

I want her one day also she is a beautiful sculpt but still searching for my Sunshine by winters first.


These are a few of her I saved from google I really liked…


@Kayla :slight_smile:

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You read my mind give me one sec.:smiley:

Here is my Raleigh(Isadora) that Cierra @specialmoments painted for me, I love her AA skin tone, sorry pic heavy

, lol :grin:


She is GORGEOUS @Kayla! You are one lucky reborn mommy!

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Thank you! I really adore her :cupid: