Any one else ready for Liam?

I’m so ready for him to come out, I will definitely be preordering him!! He is set to be released October, on MacPherson it says he is from the time to play series, do think she will be making more toddlers??


That does sound like more will come!
He’s a cutie!


He is sure cute, might need him!

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I need Liam and Saskia as fraternal twins! So cute!

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Has anyone seen the actual length yet? All I see is the “size of a 1 year old”, I would think that would be a bit larger than Saskia.

Oh, you could be right. I just saw that they are both “Time to Play” series and assumed. Well, Liam can be her older brother then. I like the Saskias that have a slightly older look, so I’m probably picturing her larger than she really is.

This pic shows Saskia’s size well. She looks older but is only 22 inches (my nephew was 24 inches at birth)

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Thanks for the reference photo. I was also checking growth charts and 22 inches could represent a 3 month old. I keep trying to make her into a 4 or 5 month old in my mind. It will be fun to see how big Liam is.

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Wow! He’s a lot bigger! Thanks for the photo.


Me too, He is on my list for sure

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He’s adorable! I want one.

I thought I was done making toddlers, but this one might change my mind. I’d only give him two teeth though. The four seems a bit excessive.

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He is a cutie.

Weird Helen, I thought the same thing. It just looked like he had too many teeth. Great minds think alike!!

Lolol, my son had 2 teeth at 3 months and almost 8 by 7. Yikes!!!

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I’ve been waiting for him since before his first release date (before December 2016). So yes, I’m ready for him.