Any ideas? Help

Anyone know who this is? I found this smiley face on Pinterest today looking for kits to paint. Maybe a Marita Winters baby? Not sure…


Yep…it’s Sunshine By Marita Winters. On the website it says it’s a sold out kit, but she’s got some others on there that are really cute.


Look at those little spit bubbles so cute. Has anyone done this?

There’s a pre order right now for a smiling sleeper. Its called Lucretia by Natali Blick. REALLY cute.

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I did spit bubbles on my Celeste.

That baby is so cute. I love the ones that seem to be smiling in their sleep. In real babies that expression is so fleeting. I love it when a sculptor really captures that moment.


I love it too! One of my favorite pics of Kaylee is of her smiling in her sleep!