Any idea who is this?

Any idea who this is? Saw it on pinterest lol.

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If that’s a doll (sometimes I can’t even tell anymore) it’s likely a silicone. If it were a vinyl one, there would be a seam at the shoulder, and there doesn’t seem to be one.

It’s a silicone. Not sure the sculptor. Looks similar to Joanna Kazmierczak sculpts but not sure.


Aww I totally didn’t think of that. Too bad, I like her!

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Definitely a Joanna Kazmiercak sculpt! Mirelle, maybe?


You are right… which is why I like her… because liam is still one of my all time favs!

I want April when she comes out :slight_smile:

It is Joanna K.'s I will go see on facebook and find the name

Its Mirielle thank you!

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Hey I was just coming back to say that :wink: lol

Mirelle by Joanna Kazmierczak
Full body silicone