Any collectors/artists with personal experience with dolls with connectors?

I will soon be getting a Toddler from Reborns and it’s mentioned she has connectors inside of her.

I’ve never owned a reborn with connectors and was wondering if there were any special precautions to take with them when posing/dressing? Is it the same dressing them as with any other reborn or harder/easier? Everything I’ve looked up is mostly about how to put them together/take them apart…but not really anything about owning one (other than just showing photos of them and taking about them taking up a LOT of room).

I’m just worried that I’ll stupidly do something to cause them to snap and ruin my doll or injuring myself (don’t know if that’s even actually possible).

She is 29 inches long, with straight legs, and I believe has connectors in arm, chest…possibly head. She’s the Linh sculpt by Sigrid Bock and will be my memorial baby for my Mom (she’s being shipped out tomorrow, Feb. 16th, which would have been my Mom’s 61st bday). She doesn’t look exactly like my Mom…but there are enough meanings in her appearance that mostly concide with my Mom and really made me think of her (plus I’m also assuming Linh is pronounced like my Mom’s middle name Lynn…with just a different spelling…please correct me if I’m wrong).

Thank you everyone!

They’re a lot stiffer than full cloth bodied reborns. You really have to move their arms, instead of them moving slightly on their own when you adjust them.
I think they’re lovely for posing, but they’re a lot less cuddly than cloth bodies. Harder to dress, too.

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Thank you for the info @EnchantedOrphanage! I was hoping changing their clothes would at least be easier than my 3 month Joseph…my goodness do I struggle trying to change that huge adorable chunk! lol

Being less cuddly is fine…I struggle to hold newborns as it is (their bodies perfectly hit pressure points that will cause my right arm/fingers to painfully spasm or lock up of held too long). If I hold them, I have to do it on my left side and it just feels really awkward.

There are two connectors, one that joins the head to the neck/torso. The other one is for the arms. The connector is actually a firm plastic tube that a strong elastic band is pulled through and hooks on one side of the tube. Personally, I love Sigrid’s kits, and yes, it is a firmer vinyl; think of Masterpiece dolls. The doll has an upper torso and a fabric body. Truly a doll that is a collectible versus cuddling, but you can’t NOT smile when you look at them. There is nothing to hurt you nor can you do any accidental harm. But as the head/torso connect to a fabric body via zip ties and the legs will be weighted, carry and lift with care. Never by grabbing an arm, but with both hands, grasp so you are holding both vinyl torso and fabric body at the same time. Enjoy your girl and an option in collecting!


Thank you very much for your reply @Bon! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts:

Now I’m less nervous about receiving her. I don’t know how, but i was always under the impression that the connectors involved like, metal rods or something…maybe I’m thinking of old Ashton Drake dolls that had the bendable wire armature. Now it’ll probably make more sense about why I was worried about damage or injury. lol