Any advice on what to do with my dolls hair

This was the first reborn I made and I’m not sure how I feel about her hair. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I want it to look more realistic


Definitely needs to be cut a bit, it’s too long for the size of the baby. She looks good otherwise though :slight_smile:

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The baby is rooted thickly, I think I would style it. You can use some spray conditioner and a toothbrush to style it then put a hair net on, this will set the hair the way you want it. The cool thing about babies with a lot of hair is that you can play with different styles and use headbands and clips, bows etc.

I’d bring the front hairline down a little and add some hair at the temples. She’s cute, though.

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I agree, some fine mohair at the hairline would look great!!