Another "who is this"

I found this picture on google and fell in love! anyone know who this kit is?


It’s Amelie by Linda Murray. Chloe’s mouth isn’t open that much.

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How do you guys do that??? LoL


I’m not familiar with Amelie. I have done a couple of Kristas and it looks like her.

I think you’re right, judging by the eye shape

Amelie and Krista look a lot a like the only difference I noticed just now is the bottom eyelid, it dips a little more on Krista then it does on Amelie. The kit in question, I would have to agree with @cajuncuties it appears to be Krista by Linda Murray.

Sorry I mis informed you the first time.

This is Amelie

This is Krista

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They do look a lot alike. I really enjoyed reborning both of the Kristas.

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I’ve seen this kit under the ‘china kits’. I thought it was Krista at first

Linda Murray has very sweet sculpts…:purple_heart:

Its Krista. I adore this kit. Just be careful if your trying to buy her on ebay, she has been copied knockoff from china. Look for her on a legit site if your wanting her.

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