Another Set of BB Deals!

I just switched out a dozen or so of the sale kits. So it is a different set of sale kits right now. And it is a total of 50 kits on sale.

Also I put 50 other items on for half price. This includes glass beads, hospital caps and blankets, bottles, DVD’s, and a bunch more! (Our site is only designed to display a maximum of 50 items in a sale collection, so that is why it is 50)

We did 50% off of our premium bodies for a couple of days, but usually the “Other Sale Items” are only put on sale at a 30% to 35% discount. Right now the “Other Sale Items” are ALL 50% off, and it includes much more than premium bodies! So come check it out again!

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO




Wish had extra $ great sale