Another Round of Price Cuts on Boutique Items!

Hi Everyone!

We are now down to 616 Boutique item numbers remaining. Three days ago there were 636, so 20 item numbers have sold completely out of stock since then, and are forever gone.

For each of those 616 item numbers, we currently (as of Sunday July 26 at 12:48 PM Utah time) have a total quantity of 28,588 remaining items. This is down from 30184 three days ago, which means we have sold 1,596 Boutique items in the last three days, or about 500 per day.

And, I also just did another round of price reductions on about 30 or so of the 616 remaining item numbers.

So, prices are falling, and the liquidation continues. And, items are running out of stock.

Folks, you will not find better Boutique prices anywhere on the internet right now. But that is only because we are liquidating, and the liquidation will eventually end, so come check out our Boutique items while we still have them:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby