Another Question

I have been looking at lately and I cannot help but notice that on many listings the photos seem cropped in places that I cannot imagine the seller cropping, for example a picture of the baby’s feet with the little toes cropped off or the top of the baby’s head cut off. Is this a function of how Reborns sizes your pictures? I have never sold on there and am just wondering if it is hard to get a nice looking listing or if there is a certain size picture that keeps that cropping from occurring?

The first picture you see? or after you open the listing?

After I open the listing. Pictures seem rather uniform in size and maybe that is why they are cropped in strange places.

None of my pics have ever been cropped.

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I guess it is how the sellers posted then, but odd. Or maybe it is my laptop.

None of mine have ever been cropped like that.

I looked at one of @WillowsWeeOnes listing and most of the pics are cut off and a rectangle shape… ?

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I saw several different seller’s listings like that when I looked through yesterday and that is what made me think it was the site cropping and not the way the sellers took the pictures. Especially one listing I saw, the baby looked to have nicely rooted hair but in every photo the top of the baby’s head is cropped off. I wonder if there is a maximum size for upload or something and if over that the image gets cropped?

There is a maximum size.There’s a link to pic resize on right above where you start to add the pictures. It’s pretty easy to do.

Thank you Jean. I have never listed anything there but was wondering why so many pictures were cropping off important parts.

None of mine have ever been cropped either.

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