Another Realborn® Ashley and Everly (Pratt) on eBay NOW!

Realborn® Ashley Asleep

Everly, sculpted by Denise Pratt

Hey Everyone!

We have another gorgeous Realborn® Ashley prototype on eBay now! This Ashley was beautifully reborn by Silvia Ezquerra: Ashley is an amazing new Realborn® that was introduced at the 2017 ROSE International Doll Expo, where she was loved by everyone who saw her! She will be released on our website very soon, so be sure to watch for her!

We also have a new Everly prototype on eBay now! Everly is an adorable Denise Pratt baby, who was beautifully reborn by Melissa George. Be sure to check out her auction as well:

Both beautiful babies are now featured on our home page:

Bountiful Baby