Another random rooting pillow question

Hi!!! What side of the rooting pillow do you use? The flannelish side or the smooth side? Instead of starting to root this head, I’m thinking of questions about my new pillow. Lol


The smooth side should keep the hair from matting. Just my thoughts.


I agree with blissfulbabies and I would think the flannel would help keep the pillow from wondering :slight_smile:

Hi Piglet—I have a pillow like that but I root with my head in a bowl padded with a dishtowel and what ever else I need to make it right. I cover it with a satin night cap so it easy on the paint, The face in the bowl and the back of the head is out. You know about half in half out. It keeps your head from moving around, I also set the bowl on a little silicone potholder thing so it stays stationary on the table. Just move the head around as you need too. Use a bowl that isn’t too much bigger than your head, and just pad it to fit any size heads.

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That’s what I was doing… But I wanted the rooting pillow so it’s comfy on my lap while I root a toot on my couch watching tv. I must say… I am loving this thing, oh la la cozy! :grinning:

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I’m glad it’s working so well Nik----I can’t root on my lap, doesn’t work for me.

Put the head on the smooth side. It’ll keep the paint from getting shiny and won’t pull the hair out as it rotates.

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Perfect! Thank you!!! I am really glad I got this pillow! :heart:️:heart:️

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Yep flannel side in your lap. I am enjoying my pillow too :smile: