Another question!

So can i just go to walmart and get a convection oven… And not spend a butt load on a nuwave oven.

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There is a cheeper version of Nuwave at Home Depot . I bought mine for $35 . E wave …


I have always used a countertop oven. BUT Chances are if you do get a convention oven at Walmart a really good one you are going to spend about the same as the Nuwave. I use a countertop convention oven which was about $80. I didn’t have time to wait for a Halogen oven to arrive because I didn’t see any there when I had got my countertop one so I would have had to order one. Just make sure you get a CONVENTION OVEN not a toaster oven. There’s a difference.


I’ve been using a turkey roaster for the past 6 years. Well I have got through 2 of them but yes. I just keep them in a couple minutes longer to account for opening it. It has always worked for me with no problems.

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If you are serious about reborning and you want to continue doing this hobby------here’s some advice, INVEST in a NuWave you won’t be sorry!! I have a convestion oven (I started out with that) and usually they don’t have the proper temperature selection on the dial, and it’s a REAL pain in the Butt!!! It didn’t take me long to stop using it and invest in a NuWave.

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You could always check your local Craigslist or eBay for a nuwave too. I started out with a countertop convection oven but it had hot spots in it and melted so many kits, then I found a big :boy: as halogen on eBay for like $16! But found that was still melting fingers and toes so then I ended up buying a nuwave at kohls for $90 but used my $20 kohls cash I had plus an extra coupon so I got a good deal. But still if I would of just bought the nuwave to begin with I would of saved a lot of money bc of the other ovens I bought plus the ruined melted kits!

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I totally agree with Lynn. The temperature adjustment on the countertop oven I used when I first started this art form was very hard to set at a good temp and never consistent. And it was very difficult to make sure the kit pieces were far enough away from the elements. Melting heads and limbs is not fun!
Once I bought a NuWave with digital time and temp controls, it was so much easier! And between the price of the oven and the kits it helped me ruin I spent more on it than on the brand new NuWave with all the accessories I needed!