Another problem

My air conditioner went out at my house and we are going to be 96 degrees. I need an oven to bake my babies in. What is best?

Try a turkey roster they don’t put out a lot of heat like an oven

You can’t make babies if you pass out from the heat. Trying to keep brain out of gutter…not “making babies”! Definitely go with AC. If you have to cook a couple in your oven and then clean it. I know nothing of roasters. Looked at the little ovens but just can’t take the step of buying new paints and an oven and then find out my migraines won’t let me use it! Wondering if a solar oven will work…LOL!

Basically, a box with tin foil on the inside and a glass lid that you set in the sun and let the reflecting light heat the air inside to cook things. Some people make their own but you can also buy fancy ones and even ones that will let you know the temp. They work better out west where there is less humidity and also work better during the summer since the sun is brighter. I’ve never tried one but thought about it. They even sell ones made for emergencies like power outages. I doubt you could actually do a doll but maybe if the temp is right. They do cook at a slower rate because of lower temps.

I have an Infra-Chef. Mine is NOT digital. I really like mine. Paid 49.00 for it including shipping from Daily Stealz. Others have paid about a hundred.