Another prisma color question

Ok so I bought the pencils,at Christmas time. I liked them although they took getting used to. They seemed really stiff. The I saw Pia had written hers said softcore… So where do you think find softcore guys? Mine say prismacolor premier but aren’t soft. I got mine at Michael’s.


Wow! I don’t know where I got “soft core” from? Mine say “premier” on most of them and they are from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. They are stiff and hard to mark with. If your vinyl is really slick, it is almost impossible. I paint my hair when I am not rooting the head. I don’t think I can get as good a look with pencils as I can with a paintbrush. Sorry if I mislead you.

That’s ok. Thanks for the help :blush:

i buy mine at Michaels and lots of other places and have used them for many applications over time. They are the best colored pencils for most uses. Some types of pencils are very waxy. Someone said they used the Prisma watercolor pencils which are softer, but I am afraid that they would get damp and run. I am currently playing with my pencils and love how they work on vinyl. You have the right ones, I’m sure. :smile:


Thanks ladies!