Another person promoting fake copies -from Temu now

I was horrified to run across this last night. About half way through you will see she purchased a fake Tinky manor elf off Temu and some other fake silicone elf baby that I am sure is a copy of something as well. It just makes me sick! I posted a message letting her know she was promoting stolen copies of artist’s work but of course she has deleted it.

Note: I think you will have to go to Youtube to get it to play…

Sadly this is like almost every other item on Temu. I won’t even look at this site, but I’m sure in the past I wasn’t aware of this situation and like everything else in todays society most/some people just don’t give a dam, it’s all about them, not the “right” thing.


She blocked playback on other sites.


She got what she paid for, ugh.


I watched her video as I was curios how those dolls look in real life.
She is actually very happy with both dolls. Tinky for $40 is almost perfect.
Silicon has seams and weird cheap eyes.

But what is shocking to me that she is well educated about reborns, about stolen sculpts and counterfeits, has extensive reborn collection and went and bough those dolls :rage: :rage: :rage:


I watched it on You Tube also. She was handling them so roughly. I am not sure if she is trying to be funny, serious, silly, maybe she had a “brownie” before she filmed. She doesn’t seem mean spirited but it didn’t seem like she cares a whole lot. Kinda bummed me out a little.


No, she wasn’t mean spirited and yes she seemed well informed which is what is so upsetting to me because she just does not care. She freely admits that a real reborn doll is artist created and takes many hours to make one. She freely admits that China is cranking these out now and does not agree that they are actual reborns. Yet she fails to admit that China has stolen these sculpts and that she is supporting their pirating by purchasing them. This is the part that is so very frustrating. People just do not care and many even think it is just fine.


I did not watch the video, but someone I know from my local antique scene has a Youtube channel and makes videos about antiques she finds. She only has about 5,000 subscribers so not super big and Temu offered her 1500 in free merchandise in exchange for reviews. She is going to do it…I looked and they have mass produced antique Halloween cards. I have seen the real ones sell for over 100 for one card, but they have them in packages of 12 for like 5 or 6 dollars. That was one thing I noticed, but I am sure most everything is copied. I think I mentioned before that I sold an antique doll on eBay for 850. One of the China fake reborn sellers started an antique doll site and stole my pictures (and several other people’s too) and had our dolls up for sale for something like 34.99. They claimed to have original molds but I do not know what people got if anything.


It’s absolutely everywhere…and it seems there is NOTHING anyone can do about it…


It seems like if there is money to be made on something they will copy it. I knew the cards were copied, but I can see that if you do not collect that stuff or know about it, you might just think they are cute cards. They have copied Victorian era Christmas cards and others too.


Temu and Shein and others sell knockoffs of a clay dragon sculpt that I follow the artist of.
She cant get them to remove it.

This is the real artist

You can tell she spends a lot of time on them
Her’s sell for $300-$500 (if I remember right)
Temu sells it for $10


So very sad for her! Her work is beautiful! It is exhausting like she said!


Some humans are so disgusting!

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I guess maybe they are desperate or something, but that does not make it right.