Another one to block


My auction ended a few minutes ago and she messaged me to say that she is soooo, so sorry but golly gee whiz, she JUST found out she needs surgery and won’t be able to pay for the doll…she is sooooo sorry for the inconvenience, though.

Right. Then WHY did she feel the need to keep bidding till she met the reserve??? Good grief. EBAY IS NOT A GAME, PEOPLE!!! Grrrrrrrr… :angry:


So Sorry, It’s always something with e-bay. :angry:

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The kicker is this: I asked Ebay to cancel the order so now they are waiting to see if she has received her REFUND yet!!! OMG. No refunds on UNPAID dolls, sorry!

Good grief.

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Are you kidding me, unbelievable. In a way it doesn’t surprise me, e-bay always stands up for the buyers even when they haven’t paid. :angry:


UNREAL, right?!

I’m too tired to deal with this any more tonight. Think I’ll go to bed and tackle it fresh in the morning. I really don’t think I have any other options right now, anyway. It’s now up to the buyer to agree to cancel the transaction, which I feel is the least she can do. As it stands right now, I can’t even offer it to the 2nd highest bidder…not until it’s canceled. And the stupid buyer gets to just walk away, unscathed.

Stay classy, Ebay. Stay classy.


Yes, gets some rest, you may need it. It’s a shame, that you now have to wait for everyone else before you can sell.

What was her feedback score, may I ask?

You can contact the underbidder and explain to them what happened, and ask if they will be interested once you finalize the unpaid case.


She found out the evening the auction is ending that she needs surgery? Unless she is in the ER, her docs sure have wonderful office hours. :rage: Sorry you are dealing with her.

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That really stinks!

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and this is why i wash my hands of ebay… im sorry you are having a hard time with them

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She kept bidding throughout the day, reserve was reached by 3pm or so…auction ended just after 10pm, so she had plenty of time to cancel her bids before the end. Now she won’t respond to the cancel transaction request. I should have just made her wait and filed a NPB case against her; I guess she has 7 days to decide if she wants to cancel or not…and SHE is the one who wants out.

@Nikkiroc – her FB score is 177

I hate Ebay.



I just got off the phone with “Ash” @ Ebay ~ I told her that I have a weird message showing up on the auction info saying “Waiting for buyer to confirm refund” and I am concerned since there can be no refund on an unpaid item.

She looked at the auction, bids, messages, etc. and said the person placed 24 bids, met the reserve, and THEN decided she needed surgery and couldn’t pay for the doll. RIGHT. She said for me to hang on because she was going to her boss and it might take a couple of minutes.

I waited all of 30 seconds and she was right back, said I’ll be receiving my FVF back and to go ahead and relist OR place a 2nd chance offer and not to worry about it from here on out.

YAY…now if only I could leave negative feedback. But hey, I’m happy. Ebay stepped up in this seller’s favor this time.


Brain surgery,maybe?


I didn’t know you could cancel your own bids on ebay. How do you do that?
The one time I had a problem (legitimately, I bid on a doll that had a 4 day or 6 day auction, and a day later my cat got sick and racked up huge bills at the vet) I privately messaged the seller and asked them to remove my bid so that there would be no chance that I would win the auction (there were still 2 days left on the auction)… If I could cancel my own bid, that would have been better. How do you do that?

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I’m so happy for you, Karen!!! :smile: :smiley: :blush: I can’t believe you actually found an ebay employee that can think and reason!!! :open_mouth:

Brilliant, Helen!! :laughing:


Sara, you did the right thing by contacting the seller. The seller, then, should cancel your bid. Below is a link that explains how you can do it. So, in case of a seller ignoring your request, you can use “cannont contact seller” as your reason.

Cancel ebay bid


Glad it worked out for you! I’ve never sold on ebay and because of all the horror stories I’m very hesitant to start. I know it gives a lot of exposure by the sheer volume of people who visit, but gee whiz.

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Yay Karen!!! I hope the second chance bidder is thrilled!!! I learn so much from you guys!!!:clap: