Another non payer to block


Biggest basket case i have dealt with yet lol
She asked if she can do layaway before she bid, happily i said yes, even though i saw her feedback was kept Private…a little suspicious, but i gave her the benefit of the doubt
So she bids, she is the only bidder, then about the last hour she bids again, one more bidder tried to win but couldnt, my auction went from 299 to 535 in an instant, god knows how high she bid.
I emailed the buyer asking her if she would like a 3 or 4 month layaway, since i figured it was way over her budget now, she replied thank you and four months will be fine. We were talking very chummy not anything cold or anything like that.
I sent her the first invoice payment for the first month…i told her it was due in four days, she said can she pay the 20th? which would put it at about 8 days later…i agreed even though i kinda felt tiffed because i said 4 days and it says that in my listing also, but i was nice about it and said sure no problem.
Then last week a few days after auction ends, she emails me saying if she can back out because her husband said no, and she wants me to cancel the sale…i am no dumb dumb I do not cancel sales for anybody, so i didnt even respond to her because it wasnt going to be pretty, she emails me a second time saying “maybe” she can do the layaway and asking me how much it is and how many months she can have…when hello we already went through this and she got the invoice which she was well aware of…i refused to answer that email too, since by now it was confirmed i was dealing with a wacko or perhaps a very young devious child.
I then filed the non paying bidder claim…she totally freaked out, calling me a shill bidder when it was only her and the other lady that bid…where was the shill? she shilled her own bid
She continued to send multiple emails in all caps freaking out on me…i replied to none which made her even more angry.
Then today i get the kicker…she files a non receipt of item claim on me…what?! she never paid lol, how can she even file this?
So i called ebay and they were shocked by this also, how was it even possible? not a penny was paid but yet she was able to file a non delivery of goods claim?
So i closed my non payer on her and won my fees back and she got a strike, her claim on me will be closed by the ebay rep shortly because it is bogus.
She flat out lied in her claim saying i wouldnt allow her to pay…sure i just list a baby and refuse payment, best one ive heard yet
Sorry for the long story, but it was so bizarre i had to tell it
On a good note, i sent the other bidder a second chance offer and she accepted it and paid! phew, happy ending

so block this one, happy2playwithyou2 , shes happy to mess with you is more like it

— Begin quote from “Brat247”

did you look her up on ebay? O M G look at all the bids she bid on reborns! what a mess she is! ebay needs to boot her off

— End quote

no…oh my goodness, im gonna check that out right now, how horrible, she needs to be stopped.
ok after i won my non paying claim on her she totally went balistic on me…in her “claim” against me for non receipt of goods (remember she didnt pay so i dont know how she even opened this claim) she kept yelling in caps how shes going to have me kicked off for “shill” bidding and holding back merchandise and a whole bunch of other non sense things
but get this, she managed to leave me a negative!!! i had a heart attack lol
so i rushed to the phone and called ebay again and they were in shock (again lol) and said she is in violation of ebays buyer protection, she is basically abusing the feedback system and buyer protection, so my negative was removed! thank goodness
all claims she had on me were dropped and i won everything…but she is still at large and not even kicked off…which is so sad, shes going to do this to others and ebay is allowing it at least i got the neg removed, that was a miracle in itself