Another kit match question please

I have a friend that has been searching high and low for a toddler kit that would somewhat resemble her son. Any suggestions at all?

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image The second photo really reminds me of Maddie (photo from Macs)

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She actually said Maddie too


I see Petya for the first pic


I think he looks like Tommy by Sandy Faber but I can’t get the picture to load. He’s a cute little guy.

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I’ll look him up!

Only Maddie is a toddler kit, though.

I believe she was wanting a bigger baby actually.

I think Jackie by Regina Swialkowski would work. She’s 26" but I’ve only seen one prototype of her and I didn’t like it. There’s a picture of the blank kit on and it looks like him IMO.

Yea I agree. I’ll definitely show her this one!

How old is the baby in the second picture? He looks about 4-6 months old. Imo, Maddie is not a toddler. Toddlers range from ages 2-3 or 4. Maddie isn’t even the size of a 1 year old. I think at the oldest, she looks 8-9 months.

On another note, the first picture looks the most like Tommy by Sandie Faber as @jeanhai said. The second picture resembles Maddie as well. :heart::heart:

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I’m not sure how old he is in the 2nd picture. She just said she prefers bigger baby. Not necessarily a toddler. I know Maddie isn’t a toddler. My 7 year old has a Maddie she drags everywhere :grinning: She is a chunk but definitely not a toddler.

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Haha yeah. I admit, Liam is more of a toddler size but there is a distinct size difference between those 2.

If she likes bigger babies, Maddie is probably the way to go. He has a double chin just like her and both of their arms are quite chunky.

I love the Maddie’s, such a perfect size imo. You can buy shoes from Amazon for 6 bucks because her feet are big enough :joy:

My daughter absolutely loves buying clothes and shoes for her. A lot more range for that size then there is newborn for sure!


Maddie or Shaya?

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