Another beautiful message

I tell you this one nearly made me cry, just made me so happy and reinforced just why I do this!

Dear Taunya,

My name is Nora. I took the liberty to reply to you from my husband’s email.

For starters I would love to thank you so much for making little Madison he is such a darling.

He melted our hearts, it was love at first sight.

My husband and I wanted to get a reborn baby for our daughter as a birthday gift ,she is turning 10 years old this year .

She has been dreaming of getting one for quite sometime now. We have spent months looking for the right baby until we came across

Your nursery. I must say you are an ARTIST. Your work is AMAZING! I couldn’t take my eyes of of him.

The wrapping was done to perfection right down to the smallest details. As much as my daughter enjoyed it, I was enjoying it like ten times more.

We were fighting over taking turns to hold him we couldn’t put him down. He is such a joy. As you said the pictures didn’t do him justice he looks much more cuter

In real life. We absolutely love him.

My daughter and I would also like to thank you for shipping him early it really made a difference. We couldn’t wait, we were counting the days to his arrival.

We were jumping up and down when we knew that he was coming today rather than tomorrow.

Thank you again for making him . I would definitely adopt again from your work its absolutely stunning. Maybe the next time will be a baby for myself .




It’s such a ‘feel good’ validation when you get feedback like that, isn’t it?

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That is so truly wonderful! Your packing IS great, also. Thanks for sharing!

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It really does, I always wait practically holding my breath just hoping they love their new baby!


That is so great and you packaging is always so pretty! Like I said before I want to buy one of your baby just for that box opening experience :slight_smile: .


I obviously dropped the ball with packaging :wink: Yours is beautiful!

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Oh no, I only just started packing up my babies like this, when I raised my prices recently. Before it was tissue paper and skinny ribbon in a bow, that’s it. I would have lost money on doing anything like this. I do not feel any mommy is ‘looking’ for this, I just decided it was something I wanted to provide. But it takes me a 1/2 a day to achieve this so each time I ask myself if it is worth it :rofl:. I cannot believe what a pain in the butt it is to wrap the inside of a box, first with plastic and then even worse the wrapping paper, argh!!! I hate it every time!


That’s so wonderful, they are so happy! And you are so great at what you do :heart:

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Your packaging is very pretty!

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Keep it up, it IS worth it! That beautiful first impression when the box is opened shows you really care about what you create, and that is everything to some people. So many are lazy about how things are done now, and not just in the reborning world. But going a little extra to make your customers happy is always a good thing.
Sounds like you may be sending another one to that happy family someday too! Congratulations, and keep those sweet notes somewhere safe, they are treasures!

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Thank you, you are right, I had not thought about the fact that it could build confidence in my entire body of work. I appreciate your kind words! When I get that terrible customer someday that makes me want to quit doing what I am doing, you are correct, I will need to look back at these.

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Yep, a stash of good comments and happy customers can bash a bad one and bring you back to reality. Save every one. We all get crazies occasionally!

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Awwww… that is what it is all about. I swear if I won the lottery I would just paint babies and give them away.

Very nice feedback!

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Agree! I hate selling so much!