Another article

Just got recommended another reborn article. It’s a decent article, but I really like the closing paragraph, a lady they interviewed,Jess Ellis of London, made this statement:

“Ellis compares doll collecting to another hobby: playing video games. “Why is it socially acceptable for me to role-play an assassin in a video game but it’s not to role-play being a mom?” she says. “Why target people who are literally hurting no one?”


Never heard of this:
“Many doll owners use specific lingo, according to Robertson: “Reborn pregnant” are people working with artists on a doll or waiting for one to arrive; “reborn labor” signifies the 24-hour time period before someone receives a doll. “Reborn adoption” can be used for second-hand or toddler dolls; “fostering” happens when people purchase a doll for temporary use, then place it for “adoption.”"

Some paragraphs were stolen from the prev. article that you told us about.

But like you said, it’s a decent article.

I took Ashley today to my annual physical check-up. 3 girls at the reception desk were thrilled, 2 never heard about dolls like this. All of them wanted to hold her and take pictures. One took her back to nurses and doctors to show as they were very impressed how real she looks and feels.

My doctor came and freaked out. She was very curios, but she ask to cover her as she looked too real to her to accept that it’s a doll. I told her that I take it as a compliment :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: At the end she held her and freaked out even more because she didn’t expect that realistic weight feeling.
I brough her because I knew that she will scold me about my weight gain, so I wanted to show her why I sit all day as I am so taken by creating those babies.

It was fun experience! And everyone who visited a doctor office, while I was waiting to be called, whispered (as they didn’t want to wake her up) ‘what a beautiful little baby’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Haha, I love that we take even the creeped out reactions as compliments :rofl:
I do want to take my dolls out sometime, but I really don’t like attention of any kind lol.


I’m with you Rachael, i have only taken a baby on the airplane going to the ROSE show and nobody even gave her a second glance—go figure!