Anna Contest?

Does anyone know when they well let us know anything or did they already and I didnt here (maybe cuz I didnt win and they didnt like my baby !) I know they plan to choose alot of pics but when well we find out if they choose any of ours and when well we get to see the ones they did pick ???

I was wondering too. Do you think they are going to choose more than what is shown when you click on Anna? I was hoping some of the girls on here were going to win. Perhaps they will choose more. Cant wait to hear I love seeing all the Annas.

Well I have to admit that I have seen ALOT of REALLY good Annas -the compatition was sure stiff !!!Congrats to who ever did win And Either way it was still lots of fun !!!
BB Thank you for doing this and I hope we can do it again soon !!!

There have been a lot of entries for our Anna reborn contest. All of the Anna pictures submitted that have not been reviewed are currently still being reviewed.

We hope to be able to announce the winners within the next day or two.

Thank you everyone who has participated!

Bountiful Baby

Thank you BB this contest was alot of fun and I hope we can do many more !!! Anna was a wonderful sculpt -so very versitile-She will be a HUGE seller for you I am sure !!!

I agree - it was so much fun. I hope y’all have other contests like this one.


Carmen M.

Cool! Good luck girls!

Where are the Anna pics posted?

They were the gallery photos! This competition was 3 years ago. They also did one of the fairies and Chanel and Candy more recently.

Hi Pia! I missed you! I was wondering how the heck I missed it!!!