Animal Reborns?

Does BB plan to introduce any further dog sculpts (besides the Princess Pug) anytime soon - - - - - OR - - - - perhaps kittens? EmilyBB?

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I think this was from an August post earlier this year. If you are into pigs, you may be in luck. I haven’t heard anything else though.

EmilyBB said:
Yes. We currently have a few pig kits that are in production. Thistle, Petal and Fawn. They are still a few months out from being released but we will post an announcement when we have a more accurate release date regarding these kits.

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Pigs??? That’s interesting! They are probably easier to mold than different varieties of dogs.

Here is the artists website with photos. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I’m not into pigs and maybe some people are. At the bottom, under Reproduced Sculpts, it mentions that Thistle, Petal and Fawn are not yet released and produced by Bountiful Baby. How exciting! The piggies are to-die-for cute. I wonder if there’ll be pre-painted and reborn-able options, like the other animal kits.

this is her nursery page:!__gallery/6