Angora Mohtique mohair. RAVE

I finally was able to buy some of this mohair. It is the most beautiful and the softest hair I have ever seen in my life. The packaging was beautiful. This shipping was fast I am in looooove.


I have bought a lot of hair from her. She is super nice with great customer service as well.

With that said I have gotten a few batches where the top layer in the package was a lot nicer than the last layer… it was coarser.

The hair from there is excellent. Also correct color, correct texture, correct weight and length. A+


Who did you buy it from? I need some good mohair.

From Angora Mohtique

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I haven’t tried this hair. Thanks for sharing

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I know this post is about a year old now, but what size needles did you use for rooting that mohair? I might order some of that hair at some point. :grin:

Hi! I use 42 gauge needles from Bountiful baby

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Oh, I use 40g crown needles from Bountiful Baby. :smiley: